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NJDOT Construction Site, Jersey City, New Jersey providing Environmental and Health & Safety Oversight for asbestos removal tasks on an active commuter railroad right-of-way.  Project includes direct supervision of asbestos abatement, development of site specific operating procedure, sampling and analysis and inteface with resident engineer's environmental staff.

USEPA White Chemical Superfund Site, Newark, New Jersey providing Environmental, Health & Safety Oversight for excavation and removal activities.  project includes perimeter air monitoring, PM-10 particulate Ssmpling, TO-15 sampling and breathing zone air monitoring.

Remedial activities of TPH, metals and PCB contaminated soils including excavation, soil sampling, decontamination and health & safety.  Characterization, transportation and disposal of contaminated soils.  Lab pack characterization, containerization and transportation and disposal.

ISRA closure at an active manufacturing facility in Newark, New Jersey.  The project included excavation, transportation, and recycling of 2,500 tons of soil contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons and mineral oil; supply and placement of backfill and compaction of the materials; installation of a concrete pad; and removal, set up and replacement of two 20,000-gallon aboveground storage tanks. 

Underground storage tank (UST) removal and replacement program at a major petroleum
company's Research and Development Center.  The project included the removal of 18 USTs, and the replacement/installation of 12 USTs including piping, pumps, cathodic protection, alarms and overfill protection.  The project also included UST closure plans, reports and groundwater monitoring.

Bioremediation and groundwater recovery and treatment bioremediation and groundwater recovery and treatment at an operating facility in Miami, Florida. The project included recovery and treatment of groundwater contaminated with solvents and surfactants using carbon-filtration and bioremediation and the treatment of contaminated soil using bioremedial techniques.  The bioremediation involved the introduction of nutrients and groundwater sparging to increase the oxygen level in the vadose zone and in the groundwater thereby stimulation in-situ biological degradation.  Asbestos removal and PCB decontamination of transformers were also included in this project.

Remedial Action at a 90-acre landfill in Central  New Jersey.  The project included a multimedia cap; groundwater recovery and treatment system; and removal of two lagoons.  Contaminants included VOCs and heavy metals in the soil, surface water and groundwater.

Superfund Site Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS), Risk  Assessment and Remedial Action at an abandoned wallpaper facility involving asbestos abatement, removal of 19 USTs and building decontamination.  Contaminants included PCBs, DEHP, various VOCs and heavy metals; responsibilities included project scoping, data collection, alternative evaluation, risk assessment waste removal and classification and

interface with state and Federal government. 

Picatinny Arsenal - Dover, New Jersey hazardous waste closures, including Comprehensive  Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA) and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) projects.  Overall responsibility included technical, contractual and administrative performance of contract.  The contract involved a three-year, $15 Million undertaking utilizing team subcontracting and pool subcontracting, and includes: removal and disposal of buried drums, groundwater assessment and remediation, RCRA hazardous waste storage area  remediation, unexploded ordnance removal, PCB remediation and a wastewater treatment facility retrofit.


New Jersey site remediation.  Project required the excavation of  10,000 drums of hazardous materials, groundwater recovery and treatment, coordination of  on-scene activities of multiple contractors in excess of 50-man crews with simultaneous  excavation, sampling and stabilization and stockpiling with concurrent groundwater recovery treatment and discharge.  Provided subsequent litigation support.

RI/FS, design and remediation construction of the Burnt Fly Bog Superfund Site, Marlboro Township, New Jersey.  Site included waste lagoons, wetlands, and contaminated soil areas; study included determination of shallow and deep potable water source aquifers. Remedial actions included the dewatering of lagoon liquids, stabilization of PCB-contaminated sludges, and excavation and off-site disposal of approximately 50,000 cubic yards of contaminated soils and other hazardous wastes.


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