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nanoPeroxide Projects

Oradel Contamination below the garage, corner of the house, yard and driveway. Points were sealed into garage floor which provided a sufficient seal to permit treatment under the house as well as the trees and shrubs along property line. Site closure was filed 6 months later. NFA issued.


Parsippany Contamination below the deck and beneath a dense layer approximately 11 feet below ground surface. Both push probe and trench application required to achieve closure. Filed three months after last application. NFA issued.


Rumson Leaking home heating oil had contaminated beneath the residence, under the driveway and under the neighbor residence. Excavation was completed between the residences and on the neighbors property, a recovery trench and an infiltration trench were installed down gradient and upgradient respectively on the subject property. A pump and treat system was operated for a period of time and then a surfactant addition made to enhance the recovery.

Continental injected into existing cellar borings, recovery wells and the recovery trench. Two rounds of injections were necessary to reach objectives because the soil was very tight. NFA issued


Parsippany Contamination extended beneath the home and beyond into yard. Angular injection was used to eliminate need to drill through floor of home. Results all below standards three weeks after treatment.




Medford site had extensive contamination removed by excavation under and around home except for area under chimney. When local lake nearby was drained to allow work on dam, the remaining contamination spread back under the treated area. Nano-Ox was used to complete treatment under the chimney to prevent additional recontamination. Results 2 weeks following treatment showed non detect for all volatiles and Total Reportable Petroleum Hydrocarbons were all well below standards.


Middletown contamination extended under the residence into back yard. Two injection locations were inside the residence through the cellar floor. Additional angular injections were place under the deck in back and under the residence from the back. One location under the floor showed high levels of contamination @ 4 weeks but all results were below standards by 8 weeks.

Kinnelon contamination limited to area around former UST and slightly under the residence.  Results were below NJDEP standards at two week sampling event. Groundwater showed non-detect results for VOCs and SVOCs. Property uses on-site groundwater well and septic system. NFA issued.


Hainesport contamination extended to 23.5 feet. Deep results were below standards within two weeks, the shallow results taking four weeks to reach objectives. NFA issued.

Piscataway Pilot Study performed to demonstrate ease of application, free product treatment, and speed of remediation. Free product in monitoring well in middle of test area had shown up to 3 inches of oil. Two weeks after test, thickness was only film. Four weeks after test, film was discontinuous. Six weeks after test oil had returned as expected since the source area was still in place.


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