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nanoPeroxide TM 
A More Effective Oxygen-Release Product

nanoPeroxide™ is a proprietary formulation of highly efficient time-release chemical nanoparticles that effectively facilitates the initial insitu oxidation and follow-up rapid aerobic bioremediation of hydrocarbons in soil and groundwater.

The limiting factor in aerobic metabolism of hydrocarbons is often oxygen, which functions as a terminal electron acceptor. To address this limitation, nanoPeroxide™ provides an insitu slow release of oxygen via the reaction with water of its nano-size chemical particles that include calcium peroxide. The nano size (10-9 m) of these proprietary chemicals substantially increases their reactivity, kinetics and transport in the subsurface. Laboratory studies have demonstrated that nanoPeroxide™ releases oxygen immediately upon application, and then can continually release oxygen for more than a year.

nanoPeroxide TM   Contains More Available Oxygen than Other Products

nanoPeroxide™ is formulated to contain over 20 percent Available Oxygen (a measure of how much oxygen is available to be released). This compares to a 5 to 10 percent Available Oxygen level found in other oxygen-release products that are currently being used in environmental remediation. This means that on a pound for pound basis, nanoPeroxide™ is able to deliver 2 to 4 times more oxygen than competing products. This results in more timely and cost-effective insitu treatment of hydrocarbon contaminants in soil and groundwater using nanoPeroxide™.

 Advantages Over Other Oxygen Release Products?

More Available Oxygen - With 20% Available Oxygen, nanoPeroxide™ yields 2 to 4 times more usable oxygen than that produced by other  oxygen-release products that typically yield only 5-10 % Available Oxygen.

Rigorous Raw Materials Control - nanoPeroxide™ is specially formulated from high purity raw materials to insure a final product that does not contain heavy metals.

Ease Of Application - nanoPeroxide™ can be applied in into the vadose zone, ex-situ in land farming applications, or injected in slurry form into the subsurface using fixed injection wells or Direct Push drilling techniques.


                     Zero Valent Nano Iron
                  Technology for Soils and            

nZVI are submicron (<10-6m) nano particles of zero valent iron.  nZVI rapidly destroys recalcitrant contaminants in-situ or ex-situ.  This is based on the redox process where the contaminant serves as the electron acceptor.  nZVI can be injected by gravity or under pressure.

Treatment with nZVI technology is applicable for a wide range of contaminents and an equally wide range of geological conditions.  Contaminants amenable to nZVI treatment include, chlorinated compounds (TCE, PCE, DCE, DCA,VC), halogenated aromatics, PCB's, halogenated herbicides, halogenated pesticides  nitroaromatics and certain metals which include hexavalent chromium and arsenic.  nZVI technology has sucessfully been applied in sand, silt, fractured rock, fill materials and sediments.

nZVI technology treats floating product and disolved plumes as well as contaminated soils and other source areas.  nZVI produces rapid degredation of contaminents with no toxic intermediaries.  There is no presentation of depth limitations and nZVI is easily injected and readily transportable within the ground water. 

Relevant technical publications:

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